Monday, September 26, 2011

Cameron Trip with E5 --- Day 2

At first, everyone were so excited and said that we wouldn't sleep, should chat all night long. But in the end, it turned out that all were super tired and all slept so soundly! Hahaha.

The next morning, all were so lazy to wake up. Alarm ringing one after another and yet, all continued sleeping! Geeee~ Haha. At last, C Yang was the one waking us up! Really like a father lah C Yang~ Haha.

Then, we had noodles for breakfast. Delicious as well. Yeah!

yummy breakfast~

Next, all of us ride a 4W jeep-like vehicle to C Yang's farm! Woohooo! It was quite an adventurous ride! Hahahaha. 'Cuz we were standing at the back without roof covering, and the route to the farm was freaking bumpy! Very fun.

this is it! and the handsome Yang Papa!

Really an eye-opening trip to his farm! We got to see many kinds of vegetables! Tomatoes, corns, and many more! Their corns were so sweet even they were eaten raw! Yummy~ And that made Carson non-stop eating the jagung! Hahahahahaha.

And one thing I have to mention is that C Yang has a dog called Zai Zai. It was very big and black! Soong loves it the most! She even said she wanted it to be her boyfriend! Hahahahahaha. Zai Zai only loves to eat tomatoes! Hahaha.

Zai Zai~

After visiting farm, we went back to C Yang's house to have lunch. OMG! Her mum's cooking was super great! Got the "home" feel! Hahaha. Just like having "tuan yuan fan"...reunion lunch! Love that feeling so much! The uniqueness was this reunion lunch was with college friends who just knew each other since four month ago! It's very rare and I couldn't describe the feeling but it's...very warm. Especially the ABC soup! Mmmm~ Best! After meal, got cempedak as dessert! But I'm not a fan of it, so others enjoyed bah.

"tuan yuan fan"


Later, we went to a strawberry farm and a shop selling flowers and local products. The strawberries sweet! Couldn't get enough of strawberries. Hahaha. Next, we went to pasar malam to buy dried strawberries and corns.

strawberries with cream

strawberry wafer

pasar malam

Then, back to C Yang's house for dinner! This time was steamboat! For the first time ever, eating steamboat wouldn't sweat! Only in Cameron! Hahahaha. The atmosphere was just similar to our lunch earlier that day. Like reunion! 'Cuz we were squeezing around a small round table to eat. Again, very warm feeling. And jokes, laughter were heard throughout the meal.

One funny part during dinner was neighbour having birthday party. We sang along happy birthday song with the kids next door. Then, the auntie gave us sandwiches as a sign of appreciation! Aww~ So kind! And we were like shouting to communicate with them 'cuz we were two houses apart. So cute, isn't it? Haha.

After a while, we celebrated C Yang's father's birthday! Yahooo~ And cutest thing was just now the neighbour, sang along with us! Hahahaha. What an interaction! Oh ya, all of us have C Yang's father as our godfather! All of us also call him "Papa"! Hehehehe.

C Yang's happy family

Happy Birthday, Yang Papa!

After resting some time, we headed to "yumcha"! We played "Killa" again! But this time was simpler version, maybe 1.0. Hahahaha. Very funny 'cuz some people couldn't get the "killing signal". Hahahaha.


Before heading back, C Yang's brother, Kei Gor being our driver was so kind enough to drove us around Cameron! Weeheeee~ Going around Cameron at night with super cold breeze! So cold! But I love it! Yeah!

Then, back to flat and everyone went to sleep!

[photo credits to Soong, Su Yeong, Sabrine, Zhi Wei]

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