Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cameron Trip with E5 --- Day 3

The last day in Cameron...

Packed our luggage and headed to C Yang's house again. C Yang's mum cooked lunch for us! Again, super delicious! The "long sou" (cantonese:dragon's beard), a type of vegetable, impressed me a lot! It was such a great dish! I want to eat it again! Before leaving, all of us, including C Yang's family, took a group picture.

Then, we dropped by some of C Yang's relatives' house to bid farewell. All of them were so kind, humorous and friendly!

After that, we waited for bus at the "Lan Jie Kopitiam" (remember the "cha siew pao" I mentioned previously? that's the place). We were so desperate for its pao that we even "dapao" to eat in the bus! Hahahahaha. The pao was so yummy!

On the way back, all were tired and slept in the bus. After reaching KL Sentral, everyone went back to their respective home.

And so, that was the end of our first semester break holiday trip!

I treasured each and every moment we spent together in Cameron! It was the very first trip with E5!

And I miss Cameron Highlands very much! No matter it's the place, food or people there, I love all of them!

Of course, must THANK our organizer, C Yang! And his family and friends! All were so kind--driving us around, cooking delicious food for us, treating us meal, settling accommodation for us, etc. They are just way too good!

[Photo credit to Soong]

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