Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cameron Trip with E5 --- Day 1

We had been taking some time to decide our holiday destination for our very first semester break. Our final decision was Cameron Highlands, which is C Yang's hometown!!!

So, we departed on 15 September morning from Puduraya bus station. Sabrine, Mos, Soong, Carson, Zhi Wei, Yu Kee, Su Yeong and me were so excited on the way to Cameron. To be frank, we were the noisiest passenger in the bus! Hahaha. Couldn't help it 'cuz we had so many things to chat.

in the bus also can take group picha...Mos and Sabrine missing in action?

The topic I remembered the most was about our future in the broadcast industry. We shared our personal opinions and it was really a precious sharing session. I found out that all of us were determined to bring up the industry especially in Malaysia. Let's do it together babe!

After quite a long time, we were all tired and all of us dozed off while the bus kept turning left and right.

After about four hours journey, we finally reached Ringlet! C Yang and his friends, Long Gor and Liang Gor welcomed us and drove us to C Yang's crib to settle our luggages first before heading for quick lunch at the oldest kopitiam at Ringlet. I must say that its Lan Jie Cha Siew Pau and Lo Mai Kai were awesome delicious! Couldn't forget them even till now. Hahaha. Had to thanks C Yang's family for treating us! They're so kind and friendly!

Lan Jie Cha Siew Pau! mmm~ ho chak!

Then, C Yang brought us to Boh Tea Plantation. Darn! We took damn a lot of photos at there! Hahaha.

Next, we headed to the highest place in Cameron. I'm not sure the name of the place. Don't know whether it was Brinchang. Hahaha. Anyway, I love that place! It's the coldest place in Cameron! Woah! The mist was...super!

After that, we got our luggages and settled down at another house which belongs to C Yang's relatives. Got ready for BBQ! Yeah! Even C Yang's relatives were all there and Jojo too, BBQ-ing together! Like a big family. Hahahaha. That Carson...hahahaha...kept eating only! Hahahaha.

Later in the night, some of us distracted him while the others prepared the cake for the surprise of C Yang's birthday! First, we presented some cupcakes baked by our dai ka jie Mos! Yu Kee and Liang Gor were already waiting to smear a whole plate of cream on his face! Wahahahahaha. Freaking crazy! Then, Soong brought out the birthday cake and he was really surprised that there was actually second round! Hahaha.

make a wish..........

C Yang's birthday cake! cool isn't it?

poor C Yang...whole face also kena cream!

cream party!

After dinner, we played Killa. It was the advanced version, probably 3.1. Hahahaha. the funny part was Carson took two hours to explain the game rules! Hahahahaha. Anyway, that was fun!

Then, we had photograph session again. This time we took many different pose and facial expresions. Hahahaha.

kawaii neh~

♥ LOVE this to bits!

After that, all were really tired and went to sleep. Even that time also we could make jokes and laughed like hell. Hahahaha. But we had to control our voice volume 'cuz afraid that neighbours might complain.

That made the end of our first day in Cameron.

[Photo credits to Soong & Zhi Wei]

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