Monday, August 29, 2011

Semester One, End!

*cough cough*

I think it's time to have an autumn cleaning for my dearest blog. It's nearly THREE MONTHS I didn't update my little diary! Oh dear~ *wipe tears*

Ever since I started college, blog updates have been tremendously little. Other than busy with college stuffs, most of it was because of procrastination. Haha~

Hmm~ Trace back my previous post, it was some sort of college life in the first few weeks. So, a little bit (erm~ it's not that little actually =.=) of continuation of the previous post.

OK. We had our Mid Term Test in Week 8. Overall, it was quite good for me. Hoho~ More or less it helps my Final Exam.

After that, we quickly finished up the syllabus and concentrated on revisions. Hell ya~ I found out that group study was actually quite effective in certain ways, as in we could have discussions and the study mood was definitely great! It gave me the motivation as everyone's studying together. Nevertheless, sometimes it turned out that we were chit-chatting rather than revising. Hahahaha~

[picture credits to Ah Mos]

Then, when it came to the real Final Exam, everyone seemed so tensed up! No other reasons. Who would wanna pay 100 bucks to resit one paper, right? Anyway, Final Exam's over now. Just hope to score the best! I WANT ALL A's SO BADLY!! Because it directly affects my Merit Scholarship! Lol~ So, pray hard!

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