Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Friends - New Circle of Life

After the previous post which was more on my academic stuff, this one is more to friends.

So, obviously everyone gets to meet many new friends in college. But it seems like I just have a handful compared to others who can bump into many friends along the way. Maybe it's because of my personality, I guess. I'm always not the one taking the first step. So, I think this is why I only know very little friends. Haha~

But I can be totally crazy when I'm with my best friends. Seriously. The closer our friendships are, the more they will get to see my craziness. Lol~

I found out that I'm actually quite an extreme person. I can be a complete different person at different times. Don't think I'm nuts. Haha~

To be frank, I treasure each and every friend I have. Take my classmates for instance, even though there are a few which I'm not so close with, I actually do care about them. Quote Carson's words, "It's better to bring everyone in the class together, rather than having separated groups". I couldn't agree more. The feeling of togetherness and unity is what we are trying to cultivate.

I remember we had a steamboat gathering at Ah Mos's house on 26 July. We had lots of fun that day. Even our tutor, Ryan, said that we are one of his favourite class 'cuz he sees that we are really good to each other. It made him reminisced his college life. Haha~

Really wish our friendship bond becomes stronger and eventually all of us will come as one family.

[photo credit to Carson]

E5 Family

[photo credit to Carson]


SaxoManiac-YuKee said...

I wanna see you crazier...hahaha

froggyyeeleng said...

you gotta be reeaaallyyyy close with me to see my crazinessssss! Hahaha