Saturday, June 4, 2011

What's Up in College...

Hey ya! I'm finally back here. Felt so guilty for abandoning my blog for a month. Hahaha. I'm just too busy with my college life. Either I'm busy with assignments or too tired to online. Serious. Now you see... It takes me almost two hours to college. Plus sometimes five hours back-to-back classes. Then, two hours again back home. Once back, straight head for work. That's how my life has been for a month. Hectic, isn't it?

Besides, assignments all rush in at the same time. Walao eh~ Even the due dates also almost the same. And I group with different people for different assignment. So, it's like kinda confusing sometimes or jumbled up already. Hahaha.

We are actually quite lucky to have many dedicated lecturers and tutors. Somehow, there are a few who look quite strict (just my personal opinion, alright. no offence =p). Most of them are so friendly and they actually try not to make the class so boring. Oh yeah. That's the way to study, babe! Hahaha.

Well, as for friends, I'm really glad to have meet so many new friends. They are all so friendly, helpful and crazy! Yeah! Maybe mass communication students are like that. Hahaha. Especially we, the broadcasting ones! Oh yeah! Hahahahahaha. My groupmates, E5 are just so great! We are like one big family! All of us are so cooperative. Woohoo! And I'm especially close with Chiu Ruan and Zhi Wei. We love to sit together and sing during lecture class. Lol. Let's go karaoke one day. Hehehehe. Oh ya. I met some high schoolmates in TAR College too. Andrew, Vanessa, Wai Hong and few more. I met one of my primary school best friend, Sheau Er too. Really have to meet up one day and yumcha. Miss you all seriously.

E5 - the big happy family :D

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