Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve

New year's eve was kinda hectic for me.

Headed to Times Square with Chow Hwee at noon as there was a simple farewell party for those joining National Service.

Since both of us were late, the others had had their lunch. So, both of us had our lunch at Mr Teppanyaki. The food was quite nice.

Later, we met up with Jia Min, Wing Kan, Asako, Vyn Gie, Rachel, See Kei, Ke Xin, Kee Shin, Keng Yip, Zee Zhou and Farn Ye at Gasoline for a short gathering.

Shopping around with separate groups.

Went home around six.

There was another party at Andrew's place.

Yen Wing picked me up at seven and went straight to Andrew's house for barbecue. Sea Kun, Junhan and Zee Zhou were already there. Serious shit. Andrew's barbecuing skill damn good. The chickens were absolutely nice!

Few hours later, Zee Zhou and I follow Yen Wing to fetch Jia Ern. Here was so funny. We u-turned for about three to four times because we couldn't get the right way. Lol! Then, back to Andrew's place and continue eating, chatting and gambling. Mei Yan and Vanessa came a little later.

Alright, the lame part is here. When the clock striked twelve and year 2011 came dashing in, we were playing Saidina! Hahahahahahaha. No kidding. Instead of counting down, we were counting money in Saidina. LOL! And yeah, we could see the fireworks so clearly from Andrew's house. Luckily, we didn't go to Bukit Komanwel. Hahaha.

Jason joined us later. We had such a crazy time playing Taboo with Matthew's friends as well. His friends damn sick like Andrew and Yen Wing. Chatted till 2 a.m. plus and we decided to call it a night.

After fetching Jia Ern, we accompanied Vanessa home because we were afraid that she might got bullied as she was driving alone, in the midnight of new year. You know lah, drunkers, gangsters and police roadblocks.

Have to thank Yen Wing for being the driver of the night.

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