Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gulliver's Travels & Laser Tag @ Galactic Laser

Oh yeah! Yesterday hanged out at Mid Valley with the same kaki again! Exactly the same kaki! Viknes, Yen Wing, Mei Yan, Vanessa, Andrew and Jia Ern. And also the long-time-no-see ex-classmate, Jun Ming! He's still the same, no changes. Hahaha.

Watched Gulliver's Travels! Honestly, this movie was kinda lame, although there were some parts which were quite funny.

We played Laser Tag in Galactic Laser! You guys should try this game. It's like paintball war game, the difference is this uses laser! Awesome cool, isn't it? We teamed up with some local citizens and our enemy were the Americans youngsters! They were hell of a crazy! Screamed like it's end of the world! LOL. The greatest thing was, our team, The Green one won! Woohoooo! And Yen Wing damn power! He was the highest scorer! Rank one man! Oh yeaahhh! Too bad our game ended very fast, just about ten minutes plus. But the fees were expensive.

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