Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I've just finished watching a very disgusting movie with my brother. And yes, it's midnight! Nah, give me your guts man. Nothing much, just BLOODY scenes in the whole movie. Hahahahaha.

I didn't really get what the movie mean at first. But after reading the synopsis from the official website of the movie, at least I know the basic concept and storyline of it.

Ok right. I don't exactly know when this movie was showed up but I think it was quite a long time ago. So, there might be some of you who had already watched it back then.

The movie I'm talking about is...


Basically, this movie is about a guy, named Jonathan Kramer, The Jigsaw Killer or simply Jigsaw, is a mastermind killer. He is a dying cancer patient who is obsessed with teaching people the value of their own lives. He builds deadly traps for his subjects and each trap is referred to as 'games'. He tells the rules of the games which usually consist of tasks that the victim must adhere to in order to survive. He plans all these to make people appreciate their own lives by forcing them to face death.

The traps he uses are Razor Wire, Flammable Jelly, Jaw Trap, Drill Chair, Quadruple Shotgun Hallway, Bathroom Trap and Zep's Test. The rule of the game is usually forcing the victims to murder another person to save themselves. Cruel isn't it? And mind you, there are really lots of bloody scenes like cutting an alive man's stomach, cutting leg with a saw and few shotguns aiming the head and 'boom' headshot!

The moral of the story is...

"We must be grateful to our life."

This is just the first chapter of the series. There are seven altogether.

Visit SAW Official Website if you wish to know more about it.

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