Monday, December 27, 2010

Dad's Birthday

Dad's birthday huh...


I can't wait to eat the cake! It's Black Forest! Yummm yummmmm~

I saw a very cute post in Weibo...

It sounds something like this...

"A girlfriend ask her boyfriend:'Do you know what ABCDEFG means?' The boyfriend answer her:'A Boy Can Do Everything For Girl!' "

Interesting isn't it?

Oh well, I'm going for the class trip! Yeah! Hope it will be a joyous and safe trip with fellow classmates.

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Jazzie Casas said...

Married… divorced… separated… never together… what does any relationship status have to do with a man's parental duty? Once you’re a father, you're always a father. There is no you in the formula of life anymore. There is always at least one other person standing beside you in that equation. Always. Own that. And never leave that behind.

Proud to be a Single Dad