Saturday, August 15, 2009

Paint paint

Since today have to go to school, terpaksalah bangun awal-awal pagi.
Letih giler!
Terpaksa asked my brother to fetch me to school.

When I was walking towards my friends who were sitting in a circle at the basketball court, all of them looked at me as if I'm an alien!
Wah wah waaahh~~

There were really very little people went to school today since all knew that we were going to paint walls.
Then we were divided into groups.
Pandu Puteri combined with Puteri Islam and we were in charged of the second and third floor of Block B.
Divided into smaller groups.
I was at the far end near to Dewan Bacaan of third floor (the highest).

While we were waiting for the paints, Chow Hwee and me were addicted to the gloves!
We blew air into the gloves so that they expanded like balloons (must be the elastic one like doctors ones)!
And then we purposely play with the "fingers" of the gloves!
Like, showing middle finger!
Woah wooaahh woooaaahhhh~~
Budak jahat!

And then started painting until 10 a.m..

Washed the tools.

And cleaned ourselves too!

Damsyik (damn shit) lah!
Almost my whole right hand was coloured with yellow paint!
And my pants kena jugak!
But I'm luckier than my Darling because her Pandu Puteri shirt also kena!

Off to canteen to fill my poor hungry stomach.
I think I have canteen food phobia already!
The curry and vegetables giler giler spicy!!!
Thanks a lot to my Darling who bought drinks for me in time.
Or else my tongue will "burn"!
Terima kasih banyak-banyak~

Back to class.

Actually teacher asked us to combine with other classes at 4 Science 4, but we stayed in our own class until Cik Nordiana came and halau us to 4 Science 4!

Damn hate the stupid idiotic silly ugly fatty "dirty" teacher and the "Flower Lady"!!!
That "Flower Lady" asyik je paksa us to study!!!
Sepak kau!!!
And the other one lagi babi!!!
Just feel like throwing him and pijak on his face!!!

bek chek-ing

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