Saturday, August 15, 2009

Faizal is Leaving + BM Lisan

Encik Faizal is leaving our school.

What a sad news!

He was assigned to teach in S.M.K. Seri Saujana in year 2003.
And now, year 2009 is his sixth year teaching in this school.
Today (Friday) was his last day in this school.
He will be working in the Kementerian Pelajaran starting from Monday onwards.

When he said that:
"Sekolah ini telah memberikan banyak kenangan kepada saya..."
Chow Hwee and me said that:
"Of course lah... He met with his wife in this school wor..."

Right after recess, many ex-3 Setians went to the staffroom to wish him.
He as well as all the other teachers in the staffroom were quite surprised to see about 10 of us walking into the room.
We said thank you and wished him all the best.
And he replied with a big smile and thank you.

Wee Jien felt like crying after that.
Don't be too sad, buddy.
We were sad too.
We'll be missing him.
And his wife too, I guess?
But they can meet in the house.

We will never hear this anymore...
"Make sure the floor is clean. Straighten your tables."

Thank you for teaching us.
Wish you all the best in your future...
May you be in good health and happy always...
Encik Faizal...

End the sentimental stuffs.
Let's say about something whish is happier.

BM Lisan

Vyn Gie, Hui Yee, Asako, Kelly and Liew Jiun performed their drama first.
It was damn cool!
They were very well prepared.
They brought many tools such as sunglasses, umbrella, moustache, gloves, cap and CD to make the drama more interesting!
Memang hebat! Orz

The best part was when Liew Jiun sang Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone"!
And the others were dancing behind him!
Cool cool cooool~~~
Not to forget Vyn Gie.
Her acting skills were so damn good!
Got potential to become an actress.

Shien Yik, Kuan Yew, Chow Hwee, Lupete and me were next.
Quite nervous.
Take a deep breath before start.

Overall not bad.
Damn paiseh.
I shouted too loud!!!

So sorry for scaring you guys.
I also didn't expect myself can shout sooooo LOUD!!!
Hope your ears are functioning well.

Anyway, thanks a lot to my group buddies!
We DID it!
High 5~

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