Friday, August 14, 2009

Not Many...

Since there were many students going for the FRIM and Beryl's Chocolate Factory trip, a quarter of the total students during assembly were gone!

None of the students of 4 Science 3 were in class!
Because all went to the trip!
Even Encik Ghani came over to our class and asked us where were the students!
His face looked sooooo blur! @_@


Some from our class were also absent.
[some were sick but the others just wanted to ponteng XD]
So, we didn't study much. ^^

I slept damn long just now!
From 4 p.m. until 10. p.m.!


This coming Saturday is a schooling day!
Isshhh isshhh~~~
We have to wear the Badan Beruniform attire!
And the worst is we have to PAINT walls!!!
And heard that we need to study as usual after recess!!!

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