Wednesday, April 18, 2012

E5 Malacca Trip

Oh yeah! It's sembreak!!! (and by the time I'm writing this entry, half of the holidays is already gone! Bahahahaha~) Sooooo sembreak buat apa?

Just last week, which was April 8th till 10th, me pergi MALACCA with the gang again -- E5!!!!!

7 of us were: C Yang, Soong, Su Yeong, Yu Kee, Bernard, Zhi Wei and me!

Think I'm not gonna talk bout the pre-trip stuffs cuz..........ya~ the usual conflicts happen all the time, so forget about it, aight! *wink wink*

Erm...then let's go!

Departure...urh...2pm bus at Terminal Tasik Selatan. But the mr bus driver was late! OK...nevermind, cuz I was ALMOST LATE too (reached just right 2pm! Tehee~)! Maaf ya! Lol~ So, roughly 2.30 the bus was finally here...and off we go!

Reached Malacca more or less 4.30! Minta tolong one of the host of this trip to fetch us from the bus station...our dancing queen Sabrine!!! Thank you babeh!!

I always thought Malacca was darn hot, but just as we reached rained!! Duhh~ Off to Sabrine's house with her Alphard!!! Damn cosy car! Buahahahaha~

Itu dua budak...played BB guns like kids! *face palm*

Next, we moved to another host's house -- Ah Bee!!!!! Don't see her small body size hor, she drives Alphard!!!! OMG! Idol! Hahaha~ Yea, both Sabrine and Ah Bee drive Alphard!! Gosh! Awesome!

Ah Bee's house lagi OMG! Cantik sial! We had some food first before heading out to Jonker Walk!!!

Later don't know who's idea was it...late night movie!! Awesome! But guess what movie we watched? Dark Flight! Ahhhhh~~ Nah~ Not me, but some of them were afraid to watch! Hahahaha~

After movie, we decided to get back and rest.

Next day, chicken rice balls for breakfast!! Yummm~ Nice!!

Next destination...A Famosa!!!!! Kan dah cakap all play baby games wan! Manatau all play extreme games! Walao~ But it was damn fun actually!! Hahaha~

After that, we went back rest before out to shopping at Dataran Pahlawan!

Then satay celup for dinner! Yippee~ Bagus!

Later, another sudden plan -- night beach walk!!! So romantic? Hahahaha~ Many funny encounters at the beach! Haha~

Balik tidur and next early morning...dimsum for breakfast!

Next, back to the same beach we went last night!!! Hahahaha~ cuz photoshooting time!! Heeheee~

Next destination was coconut shake and Nadeje!!! Delicious Mille Crepe Cakes!! Awwww~

Lastly before we head back to KL, went to shop for some souvenirs! Pineapple tarts and durian puffs were super delicious!

[photos courtesy of C Yang, Yu Kee and Ah Bee]

Sooo, that's all about it! This trip was really awesome fun! Somehow, not everyone could join...kinda sad bout this. But we did call out to a few of them when we were at Malacca and the conversations were damn funny! Haha~

THANKS A LOT to SABRINE and AH BEE and their family for the courteous offers!!!!! So friendly!! So sorry for the trouble though... Haha~

Urhm...really glad to have you guys!!! Darn crazy and considerate at times! Even though some of you couldn't join this trip, it's ok my dears...just hope all of us are happy being classmates...and we've still long and far way to go through together! Joy and sorrow together, alright?!

♥ E5


Vervain said...

Wow!so happy~Hope can join u all next time~

froggyyeeleng said...

you MUST join us the next trip kay! it will be more fun! :D