Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random 12.3.2012

As title...damn random for this entry, 'cuz I pity my blog for having an inch of dust... Hahahaha~ Always log in my blog but fail to think of something to write. So, before my blog sinks into thicker dust, I think I'd better throw something here, eventhough it's gonna be real random stuffs. Haha~

Talking 'bout this semester... I swear that I never thought short sem would be such...HORRIBLE! Arghh~ No doubt, I just take 2 subjects, but that's more than enough for me to suffer!

Tamadun Islam is more or less like history, so I just have to memorize. Still alright with this.

But Basic Photography is really killing me! Going here and there for outdoor shooting memang susah giler! And we've exercises and assignments due every single week! Dafuq?! Worse still, this subject burns hella lot of money 'cuz we've to print out the photos (roughly 10 pictures for each assignment, and each photo costs about 40 cents!)... Hell ya~ Worse come to worst, you feel like commiting suicide when tutor rejects your photos!

But hmm...I still love photography despite the deadly high-requirement assignments! Hahaha~ So, take this as an opportunity to sort photography things out.

rule of thirds

low level viewpoint

side lighting

side lighting

back lighting

tungsten light

fast shutter speed

Was totally exhausted since two three weeks ago... Sleeping hours not more than four every day! Basically, all my classmates are in the same boat as well. Hahaha~

And I'm glad there's this bunch of insanes going abnormally crazy with me (already very crazy normally, it's just that our craziness reaches the climax due to serious lack of sleep)! Hahahaha~ you know who you are, don't you? Lol~

Just a random situation happened just now...

Le Mum: There's cake in the fridge. Have some...

Le me: I'm full already!

-----20 seconds later-----

---Le me open fridge and grab the cake!---

Le Bro: I thought you said you're full?!

Le me: Never take my words so seriously.

Le Bro: Especially when it comes to FOOD!

Le me: #Problem#

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