Sunday, February 26, 2012


Semester 3 has started for three weeks. So far, hmm...still going well. Just two subjects, Tamadun Islam and Basic Photography. The former is tremendous boring, while the latter is exciting! The timetable is ...ermm...I would say quite free 'cuz all afternoon classes. But Tamadun Islam has test almost weekly, and Basic Photography has lots of exercises and assignments due every week too! So, it goes back to busy schedule again! Hahaha~ What a college life!

Oh yeah, my birthday's just passed a couple of days ago. Two celebrations, college mates and high school buddies.

My E5 dearies were like...awww~ They gave me a real lecture hall! Oh my God! Seriously didn't expect such a thing! Though I suspected they might gonna plan something lecture hall, man! Damn unexpected! THANKSSSS lots my dearies!!! Hearts all of you!

The other one was with high school kaki. This ain't surprise, but I appreciate it much too! It's the heart that counts. As simple as a gathering but it was a warm and funny one. Truly glad to have such a bunch of crazy and troll buddies! THANKSSSS my bestie and hengdais!!!

And this year's very special 'cuz both my Gregorian and lunar calendar birthday falls on the same day! How great is that!

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