Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hebe Promo Tour in Malaysia

Wow! I must say that Hebe is so awesome!

Her live performance was definitely not ordinary high standard, it's god-like! ( this word way too much? nah~she deserves it!)

And she's very pretty!

But hell ya, that day was damn freaking lot of people! It was held at TARC (my college! heeheee!)... Was there by roughly 6pm eventhough the event were to start at 8pm...and the queue had been there since around 4! OMG!

However, didn't manage to capture any good photos from that angle 'cuz there was one freaking tall guy standing in the front row! Aww~block my view! Couldn't see Hebe clearly!

Hebe sang 3 songs altogether, namely "My Love", "花花世界" and "还是要幸福"! Although the sound system was in bad condition, she's very professional and sang perfectly! Salute her!

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