Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Dragon Year!!!

Eeiiii~ I know it's already 6 a.m. and I should be sleeping on my bed by this hour...but hey c'mon, it's Chinese New Year! Haha~


I've been fussing lot 'bout the new year's too early this time as it's only January now...but I do welcome this happy festive season..........'cuz of ANG PAUs!!! Heeheeeee~

Whole family was busy decorating the house, praying stuff, and cooking reunion dinner! My oh my...what a tiring day!

bro bought this two 'electric firecrackers'

it has several styles of light

i didn't edit this...still boleh kan? hehe

err...that's my bro...haha

this is only part of the decoration...ada banyak lagi =.=

Neighbours set lots and lots of fireworks this year!! Very noisy...but ok year ma... Haha~

Had a try on my-so-far-the-highest-percentage of alcohol -- 38%!!! Fulamak! That's hell of lot! Yeap. Of course, I mix with Sprite la...or else, I'll mabuk kau kau! Hahahaha~

this is the brand -- BACARDI

Gonna sign off now...

And ya, I balik kampung evening later! Yeeehaaaa~

GONG XI FA CAI!!!!!!!!!!

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