Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tough? Not at all...

Always wanted to make everything perfect.

But eventually taking up too many responsibilites.

People are putting high expectation on me.

I dare not let them down.

Never dared to reject people's help.

Hoping that lending my little hand could ease their problems, at least a little.

If I really could help them, I would be happy.

Serious. Being able to help someone is great.

However, sometimes it turns out very complicated.

One after another.

Tougher and tougher.

Starting to get fed up.

Causing my words a bit more harsh and impolite.

But felt guilty and regret for being rude to friends after that.

Again, keep cool and try my best to help them.

At times, it is very exhausting.

And I apologize for my impolite words.

I think the problem is on me. I guess.

Thinking people are weak.

But framing myself as a tough person.

Stacking more and more tasks on my shoulders.

Very heavy.

Very tired.

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