Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ke Xin's Surprise 18th Birthday Treat

Meng Leong and I initially planned to give her a treat on Wednesday afternoon. But it was cancelled as Jacqueline had another better surprise for the birthday girl. So Meng Leong and I lied to her that we were busy that day.

So the surprise plan was Jac, Jia Min, Meng Leong, See Kei and I secretly went to her house and called her out. She was like..."huh??" Hahaha. Surprise!! Then, we (Farn Ye joined us later) went to Rabbit Cafe for dinner.

Sorry 'coz haven't buy present for you yet. I'll buy as soon as possible. Hehe.




May all your dreams come true and happiness be with you always. We've been closer since we became colleagues a month ago. Hahaha. hope you will have a good life ahead. Stay pretty, girl.

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