Monday, March 28, 2011

'Ching Ming'

Just slept for two hours, then woke up at 6.30 a.m. and got ready for 'Ching Ming' at Guang Xi Cemetery. Could I use "merry" to describe the situation there? 'Coz damn a lot of people. Luckily today wasn't sunny, otherwise I would be sweating like hell. I followed my cousin and so I got to sit in his new Toyota Camry. Freaking stable and comfortable weih this car!

Back home around nine plus and ate some food before dozing off.

Slept until two plus. Ate 'hokkien mee' and 'siew bao' for lunch. Cheese flavoured 'siew bao' kinda nice.

Later at four, went shopping with mum until seven.

Dinner with family including eldest brother's girlfriend, his best friend and girlfriend at Cowboy in Desa Petaling. Thanks brother's girlfriend for the present! And thanks him for the dinner! It's my 'reward' for SPM results neh. Terima Kasih!

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