Wednesday, March 30, 2011

100 Yen & PappaRich

Back from 'yumcha' with Ke Xin, Jia Min and Meng Leong.

First destination: 100 Yen

I didn't know that there's such place in OUG! Seriously. It's not only a convenient store but also sells snow ice desserts. They have Lychee, Peanut, Green Tea, Mango, Coffee, Milk and Strawberry. Their ice isn't like those in ice kacang, it's much thinner thread-like and softer texture. The price is just like RM 4 plus. And they claim that it's not fattening. (oh really? that's great!)

Next destination: PappaRich

We went to the new shoplots in Seri Petaling. Shien Yik's working there. Haha.

Have a good time 'chui sui-ing' with them. Lol.

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