Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bumped into Ex-Schoolmate...

Farn Ye and I decided to have lunch together today 'coz we had to work today and he kept fretting that he got bored eating at home. Lol. It was raining when we walked to OUG market to have lunch in a restaurant there. (ps: the 'pan mee' costs me RM 5.30 man! But worth it, seriously.)

Guess who we met?

Cheng Han!

He was kinda blur when he saw us there. Haha. Three of us chatted and got to know how's everyone doing lately.

Before this, I didn't know him much. Not really even friends. Haha. But after a short conversation with him, I realised he' to say...he has firm principle and knows very clearly what he wants and what he should do. Hmm...mature mind set, I should say.

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