Monday, March 7, 2011


Very well. Recently, I felt that I'm getting FATTER already!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I stuff my stomach with lotsa FOOD and SNACKS!! Stomach bloated already. Hahahahaha. What to do? Too much delicious food keep showing up in front of me. I behtahan hungry wan lor... I love to EAT! I'm born to eat wan okay... I'm "Born This Way" (Lady GaGa's latest song ehh... =p)

So today was hella full! We had a birthday celebration for aunt. Pizza, KFC, spaghetti, and cheese cake!!! Woahhh, how could I deter myself from eating them! So, I ended up having slight feeling of puking. Nah, just slightly.

At night, had ice-cream which my brother and I bought after we got our salary (oh yeah, got our money $$$ already XP)! And once again, felt like puking. Hahahaha.

Oh talking 'bout food... I think I should treat Farn Ye a lunch or something...'coz he always fetched me home after work. Kinda paiseh... By the way, wish him Good Luck in his driving test! Must pass weih. Haha.

Hey, I think I should treat my best buddy a lunch too! Congratz for passing your driving test!! Should have some light celebration? Haha. And your "big day" is just around the corner! Double celebration?? Hahahahaha. XD

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