Monday, February 7, 2011

Balik Kampung

Chinese New Year holidays just ended like that. Like how? Like... OMG! So fast?! Haha.

We went back to my mama's hometown in Temoh, Perak on the first day of Chinese New Year. This year's slightly different from previous year as we used to balik kampung on the second day.

4 families packed in a small kampung house. But yeah that's the fun part, big reunion, felt so warm. We had trouble arranging place for everyone to sleep. Hahaha.

My uncle kept pouring beer for us. Lol. My uncles all damn power, could finished up the whole carton (the bottles ones) without even a slight feeling of getting drunk. I enjoyed chatting with them 'coz they're super humorous, but some of their jokes freaking sick (worse than my friends', Yen Wing pun kalah dah...haha).

The youngest cousin brother very cute but damn talkative and sometimes annoying. He could talk, run and play from early morning until midnight, non-stop, even he had diarrhoea and did 'big business' for 20 over times! I really kagum his energetic.

The journey to and fro also jam like hell. Viknes drove back to KL almost the same time as I, he said the traffic on old road very smooth, but we saw the old road also very jam! We reported to each other on the traffic condition. Hahahaha. In the end, my brother decided to use highway 'coz we saw old road super jam. Highway was very jam too but the funny part was the contraflow was jam-er than the main highway. Lol.

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