Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bai Nian + Reunion

Ex-SeriMega-nians just had a small reunion. OMG! It's already five years I didn't see them!

Pooi Joe's super tall man!

Kenny's still looking shy and good boy.

Alex's blushed face looks like Zee Zhou.

Eugene's still as fair as last time.

Brian still don't know mandarin and cantonese.

Heusen's so chubby.

Vi-Vien looks so cool.

Brenda's pretty and hot.

Chow Hwee cut her fringe, cute.

As for me...errr...skip! Hahahaha!

Every one is so different now!

The guys are great joker lah.

We went to Madam Chu's and Puan Loo's house to 'bai nian'. They couldn't recognise some of us. Hahahaha. We chatted about the old days when we were in Seri Mega. Great memories weih.

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