Sunday, April 4, 2010

Maternal Grandma's Funeral

This was supposed to be posted long time ago, but I was busy due to the Diagnostic Test. So, kinda briefly talk about my maternal grandma's funeral.

I received a shocking news regarding my grandma's death last Thursday. I was kinda lucky coz' I had just decided to drop EST and so, I need not sit for the EST paper on Friday. My best buddy even said that she really chose the right time to pass away. Lol~

So, we went back to Temoh, Perak later that evening, whereas my parents were there earlier that day. After a two-hour journey, we reached at 6 p.m.

We ate dinner and the ritual started at around 7 p.m.

There were short breaks at intervals.

There was one part of the ritual whereby we had to kneel down and stand up for more than 20 times! I didn't count but the total was surely enough to make a person's knees to ache.

The ritual ended at around 12 a.m. or 1 a.m.

I thought of staying up the whole night but, I just couldn't. So, I just went to sleep at around 3 a.m. And it was like 7 people squeezing in a room! My oh my! But it wasn't really a good night sleep for me. My aunt who was sleeping beside me snored very loudly. My cousins tersepak me for numerous times. And as I was sleeping very near the door, my head got hit by the door a few times. Isshh~ A dreadful night. But I was much more fortunate than the others coz' some of them need to sleep by lying on the table only.

Woke up at 6 a.m.

Ritual started at 9 a.m. When it came to a part where we got to see the deceased for the very last time, almost all the relatives cried. I didn't shed a tear though. We even had to sing 世上只有妈妈好! But not many really sang.

Then, we headed to the cemetery. Everything settled around 12 or 1 p.m.

Had lunch and rested.

Back to aunt's house.

Here comes another funny part. Since all of us were extremely tired, all slept in the living room! And it was like fully packed! No space for walking! It was a weird and funny scene. Haha~

We stayed for another night before leaving for K.L.

May you rest in peace.

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