Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fool Me

I knew I showed a black face the other day. If you ever read this post, I just want to apologize for doing so. I should have tell you the reason but I just didn't feel like telling.

I was already in a bad mood early in the morning because of somebody kept horning there.

And I thought you told me that you were sick so, you couldn't come. But you were actually playing the April Fool thing with me!

I know very well that you just want to surprised me or play something like that, but i'm sure you didn't expect I will react such a way.

I was OK if you fool me other things. But not with that!

I really thought you were sick! And I was very concerned bout' that! Why would you just use your health as a joke?

You did asked me if I was angry bout' this, but at that time, I denied. I know I should tell you face-to-face but I just didn't know why. I just didn't want to say.

If you are able to read this I hope you understand this. And don't use your health as joke again, alright?

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