Monday, August 17, 2009

Assembly + Oral + Librarians

As there was the Perasmian Bulan Kemerdekaan, the assembly was freaking looooonnnnnggggg!!!!!
There were drama, silat and sajak performances.
And I must say.....
The fella had given a speech which was the looonnngggeeesssttt speech I had ever heard!!!
More than half an hour!!!
Or probably almost an hour!!!
Giler looonnnggg!!!
He ownself syok sendiri only!
No one was listening to him!
When he finally finished his panjang lebar speech, every student clapped their hands very very loudly!!!
We were so glad that he had finally finish membebel-ing!
Thank GOD!

After recess, there was a talk on face cleanliness just for Form 4 girls.
We had to squeeze in the hostel canteen.
Too bad I had to squat down.
I wasn't paying attention to the talk.
Not even a bit.
Because I was chatting with my Darling.

At last..........
I had done my English Oral today!!!!!
Infront of Paramjit!!!
I was damn nervous!!!
I was much more nervous than I had expected!!!
I thought I could calm down...
I'm totally, absolutely WRONG!!!
I tergagap when I started talking!
And I kept on.....
My mind was blank!
My hands were shivering too!
Pray that I don't have to redo!!!

Congratulations to CHOW HWEE as she is promoted to TREASURER of Librarians!!!
**plak plak plak plak**
Congratz to Kiddy KUAN YEW ---the new HEAD of Librarians!!!
Congratz to AILEEN --- the new HEAD GIRL of Librarians!!!

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