Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Poor thing

My Dardar is SICK!!!!!
Poor little girl...
She told me that she started to have fever since Sunday.
On Monday, she was still fevering.
I was like a mother on that day.
I checked her body temperature from time to time.
And forced her to drink lots and lots and lots of water.
Non-stop nagging as like an old lady.
She was absent today (Tuesday).
I had no companions.
Sad case...
She said she might not be going to school tomorrow too.
Sad sad sad case...
Hope you will get well soon, baby~
Otherwise, I will nag you again.
Take care, ya~
Will misssss you much~


Many were absent today too.
Wonder why...

Pn. Rohaida didn't come.
So, no Add Maths today.
But we were forced to do some Add Maths questions.
Heard that it was for a survey.

Pn. Thamarai sindir-ed us again.
She loves to use maksud tersirat.
Get lost lah.

Nothing special during Sejarah class.

Many people had to pay RM0.50.
This was their punishment for entering BM class late.

Moral lessons extremely boring.

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