Monday, July 20, 2009

Long Assembly

Damn loooooooooonnnggg lah assembly!!!
Because there were Pelantikan Pengawas SMK Seri Saujana Sesi 2009/2010 and Perasmian Minggu Teknik dan Vokasional 2009!!!
Congratulations to our new Head Prefect - Chew Farn Ye!!!
[warn you Farn Ye...don't LC ahh...]
Congratulations to the others too!

Maths - No teaching today.

PJK - Some kind of volleyball, I guess.

BM - Relief teacher for first period, Pn. Norlela. No teaching during second period although Cik Hong was in class.

Physics - Carried out a simple experiment on buoyant force.

BI - Oral. My turn is estimated to be on Wednesday. *nervous*

July Monthly Test starts this Friday!!!!!
Oh my...........!!!!!
No preparations yet!!!

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