Saturday, May 30, 2009

Teacher's Day

Today as usual, woke up at 6 a.m.
Get ready for school.
My school had a celebration for Teacher's Day larh.

Reached school at 6.45 a.m.!
Giler early!
When I stepped into the school compound...
Eeiiii??? Macam tak ada orang punya..........
Actually got a few la.
But all juniors.
Kecik-kecik mai punya.

Then, waited for my dar to come.
So long also haven't reach.
My legs gonna take root loh.

Then, Jia Min, dar and me sat in the Dewan Terbuka.


Skip all those perutusan thingy.

Teachers sang songs.
The climax of the day:
En. Faizal used the mic and sang one of the songs!
His voice arh...
Not bad also larh...
But...cannot sing high pitch.
Then, some teachers pushed Pn. Siti Fatimah towards En. Faizal!
And they duet!!!

Teachers' karaoke time.
  • Pn. Thamarai duet with our class PJ teacher (girls)
  • En. Faizal duet with Pengetua Cik Jamilah
  • Cik Choong duet with Pn. Kow
  • En. Othman duet with Pn. Norini
  • En. Ghani duet with Pn. Latifah Yusuf
That's all I remember.
Not sure whether I miss out anyone or not.
Paiseh larh.

Games time.

Award ceremony.
If I'm not mistaken, I think En. Faizal won the "Guru Elegen"!
HE can be ELEGEN??!!

The shuffle dance..........macam orang kena gigit.
Jumping like mad.
Anything bites you?
Or the floor is very hot?


[Sorry. No pictures were taken because..........I didn't bring my phone to school XD]

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