Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today the "fussy indian elephant" bengang already!!!
Tuesday she gave us homework.
It was taken from The Star newspaper dated 23 April 2009.
It was from the Mind Our English section.
It was damn tough for us!

I did try it out at first.

But I just managed to get three answers out of 10+ questions.
So, I checked from the Internet for answers.
I google search the title of the article:
The MOE Word Challenge
And I got the website of The Star newspaper.
It was the Mind Our English section.
It was exactly the same as the exercise she gave us.
So, I just copied the answers.

In school, my friends copied my answers.
But, when she checked, she knew that we copied the answers from the newspaper!!!
Cause there were a few words which were very hard.

Then, she bengang already!
She said that she took the trouble and time to look for exercise for us.
But we just copied the answers only!

Let me tell you , fussy indian elephant!
I admit I'm wrong for copying the answers.
But I just wanted to finish my homework!
Am I wrong?!
You think you gave us this kind of exercise we will know how to do?!
Use your brain, please!
I think even you yourself also cannot get some of the answers!

Let say if we didn't do the homework or we gave the wrong answers, what would you say to us?!
I bet you would say:
"Why you all 4Science2 also don't know these words ah?!
You all are not qualified to be in this class!"
I'm definitely sure you will say these!

Honestly, we all really tried our very best to find out the answers.
It was because we cannot get the answers, only we copied the answers!
Now, you tell me!
What's wrong?!
We have completed our homework!

Then, she suddenly asked us to start the Oral Test today!!!
What the hell?!
You should at least give us one day to prepare!
Why can't you start it tomorrow?!
You will die tomorrow is it?!
So, you must do it today?!
You think you only bengang is it?!
We also bengang!!!!!

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