Saturday, February 21, 2009


We have to bid farewell
to our

She is shifting school.
We had a farewell party for her today at Pizza Hut.
We had loads of fun there.
But too bad Chow Hwee and me have to go back early.

Wish you all the best and good luck in your future.

Hope you can get used to your new school and get to know more friends.

Although we are not close friends, but I do appreciate our friendship.
I'm glad to have a friend like you.

However, I dare not to say that I will remember you for my whole life.

Because I'm afraid that I cannot keep my words.

We will not be seeing each other maybe for a few months, or years or worst, we might not meet anymore.

Who knows the future, right?

I'm sorry if I hurt you with my words.

I don't wan't to be that kind of person who claims that he/she will remember you forever, but in the end he/she might just pass by you on the streets few years later, cannot even recognize you.

That will be more sorry.

But, I will try my very best to remember you.

I don't know what to say.
All I can do now is to wish you good luck in everything.

Take good care of yourself.

We will miss you a lot.

Hope that we can keep in touch.

And really really hope that we will not end up like 2 friends treating each other as strangers few years later.


Lastly, thank you for being my friend. =)


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