Saturday, February 21, 2009

Macam Sakai aje...

I had dinner with my relatives last Sunday (15 February 2009).
We went to Damansara Palace Restaurant 白沙罗皇宫大酒家.

Before we had dinner, my uncles and aunts brought me to another relative's house.
I was told by my aunt that the house is VERY BIG!!!
So i went to have a look there (you know how curious am I, right? lol).
The house is located at D'Rimba (1 Utama).
The housing area is called Botanic Villa.
when i reached there, i was like...
OH MY GOD!!!!!
They are 3-storey BANGLOS!!!
And the house I visited has a SWIMMING POOL somemore!!!
I can only manage to capture ONE picture because it is not good to keep on taking pictures of people's house.
Very paiseh wan leh...


We were also allowed to tour the whole house.
SOOOOO NICE, man...the house!!!
How good if i live in such a BIG house!!!
Ooppss!!! I'm dreaming again!

Later, we headed to the restaurant!

This YEE SANG was very NICE!!!

Woohooo~!!! Everyone's favourite! SHARK FIN!!!!!

FISHie~ Tengok kepala ikan tu! Hahahahahahahahahaha~

Ini tak tau apa daging. Paiseh =.=

Got erm...TAUFU...erm...SAYUR...erm...apa-apa sajelah!

Mmm~ Prawns!!!

RED WINE!!! I don't really like it though. It is BITTER!

My relatives...ahem....singing~lalalalalala~

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