Wednesday, December 31, 2008

T-HOP Wan Chean No. 2 Singing Competition

this event already over a few days
now only have the time to blog it
sorry nia
busy mah

this event was held on 28 december 2008
at sungei wang
at 3pm

the stage

the host ERIC MA

we went there because chean will be the performing guest and the judge for this competition
other than that, we also went there to support our fansclub friend KIDDO^^

before that, we had a fans gathering at mcdonald around 1pm
chit-chatting there
and i also got my fans club shirt
quite nice wor

then, around 2.30pm
we walked to the 6th floor (trendy zone)
find a place and sit
we keep on changing our places because we wanted to sit nearer to the stage
some of them manage to get the 2nd (or 3rd row har? i also forget already...haha...paiseh)
i only sit at the 4th or 5th row only leh

around 2.40pm, chean arrived
but she looked so arrogant (chean, don't hit me ah XD hahahaha)
i'm serious
she did really looked arrogant but she was actually tired, i guess
but she got waved to us also la

then 3pm, the competition start
our KIDDO was no. 4
great singing KIDDO!!!!!
you are cool!!!!!

ps: KIDDO really looks like chean... the only thing is the eyes are smaller XD wahahaha


there were actually 10 contestants
but 1 of them did not showed up
so, there were only 9 of them
all of them really good at singing
but 1 thing funny was that those who sang chean's song 《离开这个星球》 will forgot the lyrics

even our KIDDO also forgot
actually is because this song's lyric is hard to remember

after all the 9 contestants finished singing
chean sang her new song in her EP 《展翅高飞》

then, she chose 3 people went to stage to sing her song
3 of them also are fansclub member

what a coincidence
tanyl_elaine sang
eelnnamay aka ah boii sang 《不是我不乖》
kiddo sang 《只要你》
and the winner was ah boii
2nd was elaine
and 3rd was kiddo

finally, the result for the competition was out
unfortunately, our KIDDO only won The Best Costume
but don't have to be sad, kiddo
you did very well

keep it up

all the winners

then, chean had a short autograph signing event there
later, a fansclub group picture (i stand behind chean...and i touched her back or can say shoulder la...wei..i not purposely touched want was because i want to balanced myself...then only i accidently touched her back wan la...but i'm happy too...wakakakaka)

nice shot!!!
i din't ask her to look at my camera but she did!!!

then, we (fansclub) waited there until other people went off
because we knew that chean haven't go yet
we cannot tell other people wan
so we purposely act and said that chean had went back

then, she came out
and sat down
we chat with her for awhile
then she went back lu

thats all la
this was the last event that i could take part this year (2008)
and i don't know when will i gonna join the next chean's event since school gonna reopens soon
have to study wan mah
just hope the events will be during the school holidays

she had a big event tomorrow (31st december 2008)
it is a new year countdown party at sungei wang
i cannot go T.T
because i'm 100% sure that my parents won't let (worried of my safety loh =.=)
but but but
just now my bro told me that tomorrow he will go out and countdown wor!!!
somemore he will be going to sungei wang!!!!!!!!!!
i also wan to go la!!!!!
i want to see my dear chean la!!!!!

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