Sunday, September 2, 2012

Semester Four Ended (with banyak 'suay')...

OK now...the last time I logged in my blog was like...what...ONE MONTH AGO?!!!!

And my last post was like.....what.....TWO MONTHS AGO?!!!!!!!!!!

Ya...I'm kinda like dumped my blog. Hahahaha. Was extremely engaged with loads of assignments and exams two months ago. And now I'm having semester break!

These two months happened quite a number of things, which I wanted to blog about, but blame my lousy memory...I can't remember all though. Hahaha.

Nevermind. Just 'briefly' summarise up things that I 'remember'... Lol.

Let's see hmm...studies...
First time producing a music video for assignment purpose! Woohooo! Tough and hard times, all those sweat and headaches our production team had gone through together...not easy eh! Since it's our first time doing video production, so the music video might not be that good. But still it's our first production, we've got more to improve. I appreciate all the effort we'd poured in! We can strive for better in future!
(will share the musice videos produced by coursemates in blog soon aight)

Then exams...
Argghh! Freaking worried of my results! Cuz there were two papers that I couldn't finish on time! Oh nooo! RESULTS, PLEASE BE GOOD!! *pray*

So how's life recently?
Urm...still OK la. Just quite 'suay' in studies and exams lo. Others still not that bad.

Went 'yumcha' and steamboat with setiakawan gang always.

Still always sleep late (erm...i mean 'early' cuz it's already

And oh ya, I'm back to Kumon to work as part timer once again after I'd stopped a year ago to study. Now semester break so it's time to 'cari rezeki' a bit. Haha.
Let me tell you la...I seriously damn broke now. Spent lots of money for studies (photo printing, video shooting, photocopies of notes, etc)...and also expenditures on 'yumcha's and steamboats. Hahaha.

So that's it for now. Lazy to type. Hahaha. Will see la when I update (depends on my mood...hahahaha)...

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