Sunday, September 4, 2011

See Kei's Farewell Party

Had a simple farewell party on Friday night for our dearest "chiu kap leng lui" (super pretty girl), See Kei who will be flying to Russia for her medicine studies.

We gathered at Jee Yan's house first and later had our dinner at Chilly Pan Mee in Seri Petaling (opposite The Store). Their famous item in the menu is of course no other than Chilli Pan Mee. It was quite delicious and love their chilli lot! Just that they served in quite small portion, so like kinda not enough. Hahaha~

43, Jalan Radin Bagus, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 57000, Kuala Lumpur

Chilli Pan Mee

[photos credit to Chilly Pan Mee]

After that, we went back to Jee Yan's house again. Played games and chit-chatted. It was so much fun and laughter. Lol~

Thinking back... I've known this pretty lady since we were in Form Two. I still remember she was just sitting behind me. Haha~ And it was really enjoying talking jokes with her. Oh~ those good old times! I'm not sure whether she still remembers our code? Brad Pitt and Angelina? Hahahahaha~

Hereby, I wish our dearest sexy pretty See Kei...
All the best in Russia and her studies!
Gonna miss her lots!


[photo credit to Jee Yan]

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