Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ready for Sem Two

My oh my~

Semester Two officially starts!

Kinda reluctant to get my ass back to college but in the same time I'm so desperate to meet my dearest friends. Haha~

Holiday mood still hanging around after three weeks of semester break. Especially we just came back from our E5 Cameron trip two days ago! I freaking miss Cameron Highlands!! Awww~ There's lot to blog about the trip but now time isn't quite enough. So...I'll blog about it some other time. Hehehe~

OK. So today's the first day of Semester Two. Went to checked the name list since Viros told us that there might be some changes. Fortunately, our group's still the same. Good! Haha~

First lecture class...Broadcast Writing in Radio! Fuhh~ Talkin' 'bout this... Gotta mention my lecturer! She got her very own style! 整个场面给她hold住了!Hahahahaha~~

Lecture class ended an hour earlier. We headed to the newly-opened Paparich located at CITC for lunch. Damn a lot of people weih~

Then, we went straight to RedBox at Low Yat Plaza for karaoke session! Woohooo~ Crazy times!

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