Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dedicated to a 15 March Baby...

I first met her in mid of year 2003. I was in Standard Four then. Teacher made her sit beside me in class as I was the monitor and so that I could guide and look after her.

First impression of her was quiet, shy, obedient and smart girl. Honestly, I'm very weak in socialising, so I dared not talk to her at first, but I still had to break the ice as she was new in school.

We started became close the following year when she helped me a lot in the class mini library stuffs. We eventually became best friend since then.

Then, we studied in the same secondary school. Oh wait, correction. Same class, sitting side by side EVERY YEAR until we left the school! Even during SPM, she sat infront of me!

Some friends of us once said: "When you couldn't see her, find the other one instead. She would surely be with her!"

Hahahahaha. That's somehow quite true.

And well, to this girl, being my best friend for more than seven years,


We hanged out at Mid Valley last Saturday as a simple celebration for her. No big surprise party, no birthday cake, no birthday card. Just two of us, very relaxing hanging out and small, inexpensive presents. I'm not so sure whether you really enjoyed it, but I had a wonderful time, honestly. Especially when we had our lunch and we chatted all kinds of things.

lunch at C-Jade Express, Mid Valley Megamall LG
food taste not bad =)

love this drink to bits! Ribena Sprite Lime!
(bottom:ribena; mid:sprite; top:lime)
not forget the nata de coco XP

Cart Noodle (车仔面)

Rice with Chicken and Mushroom in mini pot

another fav: Chocolate Ice-cream with Biscuit!

Remember I said we have many things in common but when it comes to food, we're totally different? I think this is what makes us so close until today. Agree? Haha.

You are one of the best person I've ever met in my life! I think it's almost impossible to find another person who can be so 'click' with me in the world anymore. Hahaha. I truly appreciate this friend.

Best wishes to you and most importantly, stay healthy and happy!


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