Saturday, January 29, 2011

Worksheets, Worksheets and More Worksheets


I've got my salary!!!


Oh yeah, I haven't say where am I working, right?

Alright, it is KUMON!

Not much since I only started this week. Hehe.

My, Farn Ye and few more senior ex-Saujanians!

All familiar faces eh... =.=|||

So, i'm a "teacher" now. LOL.

This job looks easy and relaxing, but hey you are absolutely wrong.

Tired eyes, neck pain, numb hands, back ache, ass-flattening and cold.

Now I know and really understand how do teachers feel.

We have got to deal with kids, mind you, not one or two, but twenty for each teacher per day!

Can you imagine that?

We have to mark up to hundred worksheets everyday!

And remember you must be super fast or else the students will be annoying you.

But there are some who are cute and funny though. Haha.

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