Thursday, December 9, 2010

SPM's Over



SPM's OVER!!!!!

Darn! I had a terribly stressful time!

Basically, I didn't have a good night sleep for these three weeks.

That's why few pimples popped out and eyebags as big as teabags. Lol.

Overall, all the papers were just so-so. Some were kinda easy but some made me cracked my head.

Nah, it's over now!

It's time for me to have a real relaxing holiday!

As for those soon-to-be merdeka schoolmates, BEST of LUCK to you guys in the coming papers!

Oh yeah, everyone was quite busy after the Biology Paper 3 today.

Busy signing on each others' shirts...

Busy snapping photographs with dear friends before leaving the school...

Busy hugging each other bidding goodbye...

Awww~ I'm gonna miss you all very very much!

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