Monday, December 13, 2010


Shop for new year clothes at Mid Valley with Mum today.

The bus damn asshole lah! Waited for more than an hour! Isshhh~

By the time we reached there, it was almost 5 and the place was packed!

OMG! I saw a pair of ankle boots which I love so much!! Awww~ But the price...ahem~even after discount.

Bags...hmm...not so nice.

Many discounts but the nice ones don't have discounts. What lah!

Shop for nearly 4 hours. Ahhh!! My legs!

At least I managed to grab something home. Haha. But it isn't cheap. Thanks Mama for that! Muah~

She got something for herself too. And hers is more expensive than mine. Lol.

The Christmas decorations at Mid Valley are so nice!

Super BIG TEDDY BEARS!! Feel like huggin' them! Hahaha.

Oh yeah, I saw a girl who looks like Wens, but couldn't confirm that was her. Haha.

Quickly go grab some new clothes for yourself out there during the year end sale. There are some good stuffs with cheap prices. And let the Christmas feel cheers you up too.

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