Monday, December 20, 2010

Education Fair

My bestie and I went to Mid Valley on Saturday. Main thing is that there was an Education Fair alright.

Seriously, the entrance of the exhibition hall was already packed with people before 11 a.m.
And of course, some of them were there for the Flash Mob Dance. I knew it because Sze Meng told me the night before on Facebook. Wahahaha! The FMD took place right at the entrance of the exhibition hall around 11 a.m. plus.

OK, back to edu fair. We first strolled one round to get the brochures. After we'd finish the first round, we met Farn Ye, Meng Leong, Ke Xin, See Kei and Kah Yan. We just greeted each other and continued our strolling. Jia Min came a little later. Besides them, we also bumped into Wei Kien, Chong Xiang, Sherine, Abbirami, Anchal and Kar Yan.

After everyone had done, we including Jia Min, Kah Yan, See Kei, Ke Xin, Jee Yan, Jee Yan's cousin, Farn Ye, Meng Leong, Chow Hwee and I went to Kim Gary for lunch. Much like a "reunion lunch". Hahahahaha. Viknes and Andrew didn't join us for they intended to watch movie.

Jee Yan and her cousin left us after the lunch and so we went shopping around before heading back home. I think we won't meet again till the day we take SPM results. Will miss them much.

Well, I had read through all the brochures taken from edu fair. But my brain got more and more messed up after reading them. Oh my gosh! The course I'm interested in kinda not so agree by my family, and I'm not sure whether it will be a promising career in the future. While other courses recommended by aunt, brothers and mother aren't really my interests. This cracks my head and I'm torn between interest and future-secured. My oh my, what am I suppose to do?

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