Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm Filial...once in a while


After Hari Raya, what's coming up next?

Oh yeah! It's Mooncake Festival, dude!

This year's the very first time I bought mooncakes!

Yeap! All by myself!

From choosing which brand, the flavours (you know what, I'd trouble deciding on which to know lah, modern era got lotsa "modern flava mooncakes"...haha~) 'till cash time! (yesh! I paid using my pocket money! Whoah!)

By the way, thanks to my best buddy for helping and opinions. =)

Oh, and a kind lady who lent me her Jusco Card for discounts. Arrigato~

And so, I bought two mooncakes from Tai Thong, one of traditional flavours and one of the new flavours—Red Bean and Charcoal Infused Mocha Milk Tea!

Frankly, I like mocha but not too fond of milk tea. Haha~ least my mother was happy about it. Maklumlah, ibu bapa siapa yang tak suka anak-anak menghadiahkan sesuatu kepada mereka, kan?

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