Saturday, July 3, 2010

Brazil Oh Brazil

Half an hour ago, many Brazil supporters cried in disappointment as the most expected football team to dashed into the World Cup 2010 Final just lost their match against Netherlands in the quarter final.

What a sad case eh...

Anyway, I'm aiming for Argentina! Please please pleeeaassee win...

And what do you guys normally do when watching football? At mamak screaming with friends...drinking beers...and stuff like that, right?

Well, what I did just now was...EATING DURIAN!

Sounds weird eh? And it was when watching football! Aku ni pelik sangat...Haizzz~

Oh yeah, before I forgot...thanks to my dear brother for the ice-cream! He had always saying that he wanted to eat it so badly... And since now he's just got his first salary, he bought some for us. Yumm yumm yummmmmmyy~~~

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