Monday, April 12, 2010


If we aren't human, what are we then?

You said we just stay inside the box and can't get out of it. Do you think that all of these are our fault? It's the world and the surrounding that mould us what we are today!

If we write our own opinion, you will surely not going to accept our answers, right? You all just want the exact answer provided by the government, exactly what is written in the scheme! You all won't accept any other answer other than those from the scheme.

So, what for we want to think, since you all won't accept! Might as well write what you all want! Yes, the answers that you all called them as exact answer! At least we could get some marks, isn't it?

We didn't actually hope the school could give us whatever we want, but it's actually the school always wants us to contribute ceaselessly to the school! You all only know how to scold us, did you all really try to understand we students what we want?

All rubbish!

And we are not robots, ok?! How would you know what we are going to be years later?

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