Monday, April 26, 2010

Gotong-royong + Cooking Competition

It's really tiring when there is school on Saturday. Somehow, I don't know yesterday ganti which holiday. Is it because I'm blur, or teacher didn't really announce? I pun tak tau lah.

It was a gotong-royong day. I had two options, but I chose to clean up the Taman Angkat as this suited the Moral Folio Bidang Alam Sekitar more. We were taking pictures most of the time. Hahaha~

peitheng | lisa


got face expression some more =.=

these 3 teachers only tengok saje

the mad scientist

jac | shuzhi | brenda

apa lu mau buat?

hiding something...?


peitheng | lili | shuzhi | brenda

ramainya orang...?

jac | teacher haliza

faking again...

the blackies...

keselamatan group

There was another event took place which was the cooking competition. Bravos to my friends for doing such a good job! The food was yummmmyyyyy~~~ Congrats to Jason and Zee Zhou for grabing the first place! Your special sauce was sooo mouth-watering! Also, congrats to Jee Yan and Hau Siong as the first runner-up! The best one was the rice! But I couldn't try your chicken, coz' dah habis. Well done to Jia Min and Hui Yee as well for getting the forth place! I loveee your potatoes soooo muchhh~

We, the yang tak berkaitan, waited outside the bilik masakan for quite a long time before teacher allowed us to go in. We were like just got out of the jail and looked more like hungry ghosts! Hahahahaha~

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