Friday, March 12, 2010


5 Cengal and 5 Belian visited Taylor's University College Lakeside Campus on Tuesday, 9 March.

Basically, this campus is very new and part of it is still under construction. So, we could actually smell cement there. Yikes! But, it's really nice, with a lake there, although I don't really know whether the water is clean. Lol. So, it looks like this...

Pictures are taken from Taylor's University College Website

Here are some pictures taken in the bus...

Viknes was the host while Matthew was the cameraman. Lol~

Interviewing... XD


Matthew Lee (help you to promote your Christian name~haha~)

We were brought into a room for a short briefing by Miss Rachel and Mr. Murali on what we were going to do later on.

We formed groups of 6 to build a simple structure which was of lightest weight and could withstand the most weight, with a height of more than 25 cm. Materials provided were threads and satay sticks. After 40 minutes, we tested each of the structures with loads, and the group which their structure had the highest percentage will win. And you know what, the winner group was the "Sakai Group"! For God's sake, can you all please just stop saying your "sakai-spirit" slogan?

We proceeded to the next itinerary, campus tour. All I could describe is, this place is damn BIG weih! I would have lost inside. And yeah, I love their library! It just made me felt comfortable there with the pin-drop-silent atmosphere and also the just-nice temperature. Ahh~ And some were trying to login to Facebook using the computer there. Haha~

We headed for lunch after the tour. The food was...erm...could be better. Haha~ But since it was free of charge, I would just better shut my mouth then.

Before leaving, yeah you guess it right, photo session of course!

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