Thursday, March 18, 2010

Surprise Party!

We threw a surprise birthday party for Chow Hwee's sweet 17 on 15 March. I was the middle person between Viknes (the planner) and Chow Hwee. Since it was a surprise party, so you could imagine how pity I was. I had to deal with Viknes and in the meantime acted as if nothing happen in front of the birthday girl.

So, the plan went like this...

I was supposed to ask her out on her birthday and tell her that it was only both of us. When we reached The Gardens, I straight brought her to T.G.I. Friday's where all the others were hiding under the tables, got ready to surprise her.

And thank God, she really did got surprised by us! Lol~

After the meal, we headed to Midvalley for movie session. And you know what, "Up In The Air" was a total shit! It meant nothing! Absolutely meaningless!

Then, we went to the arcade and back home.

Glad that the birthday girl was happy about the party. And thousands of sorry because I still owe you the present. Anyway, hope you really enjoyed that day and have a good year! Hugs! ♥


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